CATV Line Extender Amplifier HTF-8634-T11

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Model: HTF-8634-T11


Main Features:

  •  SMD Components for better noise characteristics
  •  11nput, 2 output
  •  TGC (Temperature Compensation Circuit)
  •  Multi Level Lightning Strike Protection System with Gas Discharge Arrestors
  •  Two level Equalization system for easier and quicker flatness adjustment
  •  Plug in Fuses at input and output ports
  •  Multi Level Input Power Supply 30V, 40V, 50V, 60V (220 VAC versions also available)

Technical Specifications

 Parameter  Units  7534-T11  8634-T11  Remark
 Band-pass  MHz  45-750  45-862  
 Gain  dB  30  29  No Temperature
   dB  29  28  With Temperature
 Flatness  dB  ±0.5  ±0.75  
 Rated Input Level  dBuV  68-72  68-72  Multi-Channel
 Rated Output Level  dBuV  103  102  Multi-Channel
 Maximum Output Level  dBuV  120  120  Single-Channel
 Return Loss  dB  <=15  <=12  
 Noise Figure  dB  <8  <8  
 Temperature Compensation
 dB  ±2.0dB  ±2.0dB  
 Gain Adjustable Range  dB  0-20  0-18  
 Slope Adjustable Range  dB  0-20  0-18  With Variable Equalizer only
   dB  10-30  8-26  With Fixed + Variable Equalizer
 Operation Voltage  VAC  30/40/50/60  30/40/50/60  60V Powering
   VAC  220±10%  220±10%  220V Powering Independently
 Power Consumption  W  10  10  
 Lightning strike resistance capability  KV  5KV/10µS  5KV/10µS  

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